A one-woman small business

I've been making jewelry for over twenty years, beginning by helping out with my mother's small jewelry business in Austin, Texas. My design aesthetic has gone through many phases over the years but I'm currently living in Portland, Oregon and inspired by Pacific Northwest style! I like to juxtapose old and new, natural materials with bright colors, minimalist with a flair. I try to find ways to make the jewelry that I would want to buy while always keeping it accessible and fun. I'm working on making my business as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible from sourcing natural materials to packaging with biodegradable options. My business has evolved from a creative hobby to a side gig to a one-woman small business. I plan on continuing to grow and branching out of my small community in 2023! Thank you to all of my customers and supporters for making this "hobby" a success! - ❤️Natalie

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